Last updated: April 1, 2024

Allegion Plc., its subsidiaries, and affiliates (collectively “Allegion”, “we”, “us”, “our”) are committed to ensuring accessibility for all patrons of our website and digital properties. We strive to provide an inclusive and seamless online experience, and although our efforts are ongoing, we continuously work towards making our website and digital properties accessible and user-friendly for everyone.  

Standards and Guidelines 

Our website adheres to the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.1, at Levels A and AA (June 5, 2018), published by the World Wide Web Consortium, available at, which is an internationally recognized set of standards for making web content more accessible. We regularly review and test our website and digital properties to ensure compliance with these guidelines. 

Accessibility Features 

Here are some of the accessibility features we have implemented on our website:   

  • Alternative Text: We use descriptive alternative text for all non-text elements such as images, videos, icons, and buttons, enabling screen readers to convey their meaning to visually-impaired users. 
  • Keyboard Navigation: Our website can be navigated using only a keyboard, allowing individuals who cannot use a mouse or other pointing device to browse and interact with our website and digital properties. 
  • Clear and Consistent Layout: We maintain a consistent and intuitive layout across our website and digital properties, making it easier for users with cognitive disabilities to navigate and understand the website and digital properties. 
  • Captions and Transcripts: Videos on our website and in our digital properties are accompanied by captions or transcripts, ensuring that deaf or hard of hearing users can access the information presented in the videos. 
  • Resizable Text: Users can adjust the size of the text on our website to suit their preferences by using the browser’s built-in zoom functionality. 

Continuous Improvement 

We are dedicated to ongoing efforts to improve accessibility on our website and in our digital properties. This includes conducting regular accessibility audits, seeking feedback from users, and collaborating with accessibility experts to implement best practices. 

Third-Party Content 

While we strive to ensure accessibility on all parts of our website and in our digital properties, there may be instances where third-party content, such as embedded videos or social media feeds, does not fully meet our accessibility standards. If you have questions regarding this third-party content, please do not hesitate to contact us, as set forth below. 

Contact Us 

If you encounter any accessibility barriers while using our website or accessing our digital properties or have any suggestions on how we can improve accessibility further, please contact our customer support team. We are committed to providing an inclusive and enjoyable online experience for all our patrons, and we appreciate your support in achieving this goal.

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